I finished school summer camp today which means one incredibly important event is about to happen. HOLIDAY! For the last three weeks I have been teaching fortunate/unfortunate 3rd, 4th and 5th graders during their summer ‘vacation’. Like them I am now free to enjoy the summer break.

I have booked a late ticket to Vietnam. I leave on Sunday night and arrive at 00.10 local time. My plan is to backpack around the country for 11 days. See what I can, enjoy the people and culture and kick back and forget about other things that are praying on my mind. If I am honest I am quite nervous. I am travelling alone which is something I haven’t done before. I was hoping Kate could join me, unfortunately her boss is a twat. I’m not worried about my safety, just nervous about my independent travelling skills. I adapt to most situations and experiences well. It will be fantastic I keep reminding myself.

Before I head off to Vietnam I have a football game in Changwon. I am playing in a K-league stadium in a foreigner exhibition match. Our game is a pre-match spectacle for the fans of Gyeongnam FC and Suwon FC. I have played on two other grounds of note before. Tranmere Rovers a couple of years back was an interesting experience as it was quite possibly the worst pitch I have ever played on. I also played for England in an international against Scotland at Harrogate Railway. I will leave you to wonder how I became an international footballer….


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