Pain in Korea

I have been playing quite a lot of football over here for my new team Sparta Busan. However the weekend just gone I played rugby in a  10’s tournament. I played for Changwon Crusaders. We played teams from Seoul and Chungnam.I played at my old school position of fly half. The first time I got tackled an opposition player kneed me in the back as he went in for the maul. Although it hurt like crazy and I was pretty winded I played on for two more group games before we got knocked out.

The pain persisted and breathing was difficult so I went to hospital. Anyway the end of it is I have a broken rib. The tenth one down on my right side.  It’s pretty uncomfortable. Any movement from lying, sitting to standing is painful. Sneezing, coughing, deep breathing and laughing is also unbearable.
I think the moral of the story is that I stopped playing rugby for a reason and I should stick to football. At least I’m good at football……..


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