Poverty in Korea

So I’ve not been paid really yet; got a small bit of cash for the end of Junes work but that went pretty swiftly on settling in and make new friend socialising activities. So I’m scraping the pennies or Korean won now I guess. I ahve essentially been doing plenty of free stuff so exercise and work have been my priorities.
It’s amazing what you can get upto with no money. Changers is surrounded by mountains on all sides so it seemed fitting that I climb one. i picked the highest peak I could estimate and ventured off. It took ages to find a way onto the muntain as I choose one on the industrial side of town. I may have walked more distance looking for a prominent access point to the mountain path than I did actually climbing it! It was hot too; so hot mid 30’s. Eventually I got onto a path near anmin which is also home to one of the Hagwons I work at. It was rather gentle to start and their was a slightly unnerving Korean graveyard at the base of the mountain. Korean mountains are densely covered with trees. Wildlife is virtually non-exsistent….a few birds that you can hear but can’t see and I did encounter a squirrel that made me jump as there are poisonous snakes and it made a rather rapid lunge across my path.

Anyways the climb was reasonably steep and varied from dirt to rock and occassional wet clay that made standing up interesting. I guess it took 45 minutes to an hour to climb 740 metres. I stopped off numerous times to take photos and had a bit of lunch. The view from the top was truly awesome looking down on Changwon on one side and the coastal city of Jinae on the other. I had a wander around at the top did a small rock climb so I could say that I truly hit the summit and also had time to fall over on my arse. A bad day to wear white shorts! I met a Korean guy on the way down and we had various games of charades whenever we caught each other up mostly about where we live; do I get the bus and the weather. He seemed kind of disappointed that I knew where I was going and couldn’t help me! The bus ride home was well received; I was suitably knackered and a packet of crisps and what can only be regarded as spicy sausage on a stick was not sufficient sustenance.

I got a letter from my Gran in England this week was so good to hear from her; made me a little sad on the bus to work one day.

So another week is done; I’m settled everything is set up just looking forward to payday on the 10th bring it on!


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