Variety of crazy

It’s been an interesting few days…….

This week I ave encountered many things but these are some of the highlights/lowlights (depending on your perspective…

1. Classroom intrusion: Thursday teaching my 5th grade class in Anmin-Gogae a rather dishevelled old man deemed it appropriate to trespass into school, into my class and have the nerve to beg for money. Interestingly when I gave him my: “seriously? disbelief shaking head NO” look; he decided the kids may well be a better option!

2. Attempted abduction: On Tuesday I was waiting for the bus to work to Anmin-Gogae again. A rather lonely bus stop usually; but not today! A rather overly interested man took it upon himself to stare at me for five minutes before talking to me in Korean for ten minutes…his only English: “home” and “olympian”. I eventually worked out he wanted me to come to his home because he believed I was some kind of incredible athlete (misguided). He left me twice and cam back twice….intent on preventing me from going to work. I admired his persistence; less so his Soju breath. My bus took forty minutes to arrive….mental exhaustion and repeatedly trying to convey the neccessity of me going to work in numerous manners took its toll.

3. Street hurdles: Korean businessmen…..STOP DRINKING- KNOW YOUR LIMITS. I have seen two passes out koreans (like dead passed out!) and about five pukers. Model citizens you are not. Tempted to give them a tourist information leaflet for Blackpool…they’d love it!

Apart from these rather troubling/comedic occurences I’ve had a great week of teaching…confident classes and seeing some progress in a few of the students which is rather satisfying.

Played in a soccer tournament in Busan yesterday for Busan Spartans. I’ve had a full on week of exercise…5k run, 3 hour football session on Wednesday, touch rugby Thursday so an all day tournament was always going to be hard going. Heavy rain was forecast but Michael Fish style it couldn’t be more wrong. Blazing sunshine; 90F heat and no suntan lotion was rather detrimental to my performance. First touch I gave the ball away and we conceded. This has become my signature move. I remember doing this for Manchester Rovers but thankfully this was my only disaster. Played reasonably well considering my blood was literally boiling in the heat. Looking forward to the winter when the Korean season resumes. I even got a small round of applause for a rather exsquisite free-kick that sailed into the top corner from a few of our Korean players….unfortunatley it was in the warm-up. But hey i’ll take it.

Busan incidentally is massive….the subway has 3 lines but it takes an age to get across from one side to the other. It seems to sprawl everywhere and I’m looking forward to exploring it after payday next month. Saw a little but what I saw I liked.

Anyways off to bed now….not looking forward to the kids laughing at my bizarre sunburn…sweat bands whilst appropriate for sport make your sunburnt arms look ridiculous!


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