Doggy-paddle teaching

Three weeks in now and I am just about getting my head above water. I can successfully get the bus to work and can also remember to look the correct way when crossing road and not cause myself and all other road users any injuries!

I am starting to teach reasonably well structured classes; the students seem to be more receptive to my mumbling English tone and I can almost have a meaningful conversation with a few of them! I am having a few issues however; due to me working for the same company in several schools it would appear that their ability to pick me up at the correct times and or give me instructions that are accurate/comprehensive are minimal. I have walked once when I shouldn’t have ( and missed my next lesson as a consequence) and have been forgotten about several times.

South Korea despite being extensively westernised in many respects does not follow my traditional understanding of orginisation. Everything is virtually decided on at the last moment possible or just isn’t at all…For example; I have started teaching middle school lessons this week; three to be exact, and all double periods; however I had no briefing; no text book and no list of attendees. Talking to five students for an hour and a half about Manchester when they have little to no understnading was difficult to say the least. Rather irresponsibly I decided in one class to play them a Shrek movie and another showed them all my English friends pictures on facebook when they are at their drunken best!

The weekend is coming and although I have no definite plans I’m hoping on doing some adventuring and may even contemplate the risky business of bus travel to Busan (a coastal Birmingham sized city); beaches, fake markets and alcohol may well wait……..!


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