Changwon-si, South Korea

So I’ve been here a week….a million things have been absorbed in my mind and exited immediately. It’s been like Bruce Forsythe’s Generation Game conveyer belt: microwave, weekend in Blackpool, Scalextric, cuddly toy….damn all I can remember now is cuddly toy! I’ve learnt a little and forgotten a lot!

My apartment is not to dissimilar to a British one. It’s a studio; but hey I’m a man and to be honest I’ve always wanted a kitchen in my bedroom. It’s included in my contract and I think any future job I ever hunt for should have this as a major stipulation.

Changwon is crazy. Babies drive cars from the lap of their responsible parents. Bus drivers talk on their mobiles for the entire journey. All old men are simultaneously drunk at 9.30pm. All old women feel it necessary to sport ridiculous sun visors. Children all point and laugh at me for being tall. If you own a dog it must be a pint-sized; bizzarely hair-dressed yelping mutt. Changwon does have boy racers but they own mopeds with flashing neon lights and play the gayest Euro-pop. Women think I’m handsome. Pedestrian zones are non-exsistent-including pavements. It is perfectly acceptable to double and triple park.

Teaching is going well. I am working in 3 schools at the moment; mostly with elementary school students. They are generally very studious with a few exceptions. On my second day a child squirted with me a water pistol in class. Credit where it’s due the lad had some balls; but I think he now regrets it. I specifically locate the longest passages of text for him to read and the benefit of confiscation priveleges means I’ve had his phone, water pistol and NintendoDS off him!

Sam arrived early Saturday. Drunken welcomeage to Changwon eventually ensued and 50% of my weekend was written off to recovery. Aided by a tasty Indian and a disheartening England performance versus the Germans. (If I ever meet that Uruguayan referee so help me!)

Blog done! Hangover gone! Night!


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